Hello, I am Meryl Keioskie.

This place, is more or less what you’d consider a personal website and blog. Its very creation is predicated upon my inclination towards expressing… and explicating my thoughts. I don’t write for any wish to be read, but rather, I write for the wish to allow myself the freedom–that is, to be set free from the shackles of judgement. However, not by the hand of others… but by of course, myself.

Whether that be for the purpose of individuation, to develop more personal character… or, just to learn something new. I see that one’s core identity is constantly in flux.

Above all else, I suppose what inspired this page was my desire to track my journey towards attaining knowledge, applying it, and of course… disseminating it to others. I’ve an array of interests, that aren’t ever limited to one single thing I’ve found. And by my very nature, I am indeed very inquisitive.

So, should anyone who is similar to me, come across these feverish scrawlings… and should they feel a camaraderie by them. That is indeed, welcomed too.

In this blog, you’ll find me tracking: my musical journey, my academic journey, my artistic journey, and setting challenges for myself to improve myself as a person. To be clear, this blog is not educational at all–nor is it intended to be for others. It is for me. If I find that I am not embarrassed, or estranged from who I was a year ago… then I am definitely not doing a good job of managing myself at all.

Is this blog a glorification, or some kind of narcissistic manifesto? Heavens no. And, I certainly hope it isn’t read that way. For, I know narcissism. Not in of myself… but in growing up with a textbook example of one, during my seminal years. Thing is, they can never change–I don’t believe, any narcissist is capable of doing so. It’s a peculiar thing. Now, to stress again… I may sometimes be self-absorbed, and one-minded with my high-functioning autism… but narcissism? No, I know myself well enough to know I’m definitely not of the sort.

I wish to discover myself, above all else, and the potentiality which lie within. So that eventually, I may help others just as well. One must find themselves, before finding others.

So no. I don’t wish to compare myself to others, nor do I wish to parade about my achievements or test scores for the purpose of temporary validation. That is sheer emptiness. It doesn’t account for the total sum of myself–nor should it ever account for the total sum of a person (yet, we are lead to believe that this is the case).

No. I wish for something permanent, past ephemeral pleasures.

And that is my purpose to this life. To do all of which I must… And one day, perhaps near the very end. I’ll come to understand.

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