Some More Viola Concerto.

I found these, perhaps by accident. I am certain, that I had only just scratched the surface. There is certainly more to discover eventually!

What a world music is… it will leave me occupied, for hours. Good.

The piano in this… is absolutely beautiful. It isn’t a mere accompaniment.
A majority of Brahms pieces, are written for piano in mind.
All of them slurs! All them ties!

On another note. I have been working on my first research paper… that is, concurrently with my other obligations. The paper itself, is focused on evaluating the use of virtual reality application, for early education (across all domains, music included). That is, merging said technology into pedagogical methods for the classroom context. We live in an era wherein, one can argue, that the way we experience the world is altered through our technological dependence… yes, our consciousnesses have bound to these implements, as a result. It’s an implicit thing, however… a good many of us don’t notice that we are “technocrats.” Am I a Luddite? Hah, goodness no! Not in the sense that I should abhor my smart phone, or smart watch to name a few… However, I do not partake in television (I lost interest in it, years ago), nor do I care about… what constitutes as ‘contemporary culture’. My reflection of technology has much to do, with the underlying ideologies which are implicitly affixed to the contraptions. People are not all too aware, that the printed word… is a technology in-of-itself, just as well. Anyhow, I have wandered off again. Allow me to guide myself back–this research paper is thankfully near completion… and due to that, I can finally get back to working on my PhD; To draw again. I hope, that should any more potential papers result as a consequence… that I would be given the opportunity, to focus on examining the effects it may have on Humanities Pedagogy. Yes, Music and Art, specifically!

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