Drawings Dump: Some Of My Digital Sketchbook.

Some drawings I did from earlier in 2020. I never got to post these, initially–this site is rather new, after all. Anyhow, here are some. Enjoy looking inside of my psyche.

I have a muse, yes.

NOTE: They’re uploaded in their original resolutions… therefore it’ll take a while to load, for some.

Meryl Keioskie.
The treasure master of 88 keys.
Alain is mean.
The Snufkin.
Meryl Keioskie.
I am you.
Meryl Keioskie
When the mind plays tricks on you.
Stuart Yoshihiro concept inks.
Alain~ aehhehhh~
Some Jean Giraud inspiration.
Kite flying, and the romantic possibilities.
He’s smiling because she’s shit at the viola.
Meryl Keioskie.
A depiction of myself and my ex.
Jazz hands,
Sleep angel, sleep.
Alain hates being called a sexy priest… but he is.
I sketch on my research notes often. Hurr-hurr-hurr.
I laugh at my own drawings, due to the absurdity of them.
Quiet, you!
Stuart is not impressed.
Love? You call that love. Get out of here.
How I flirt with men. Not pictured: the hours and hours of crying.
Meryl Keioskie.
Meryl Keioskie
Inspired by Max Richter’s ‘Infra five’.

Enjoy, my lovelies~

3 thoughts on “Drawings Dump: Some Of My Digital Sketchbook.

  1. Wow! I really like so much. To me, art (sometimes) is attempting to reify internal visualization, to become godlike in a way. Of course nowadays, we aren’t scratching images of totem animals or desired prey on cave walls so much, so much of art is merely “work” or simple demonstration of technical skill or procedure for increasing popularity etc. It is entertaining to visit Merskie’s mind for awhile, stimulating, frustrating, anticipating what will happen next.


    1. Hi Pythoblack,

      thank-you kindly!

      For me, my curiosity toward the ‘imagined’ or what would be considered eidetic is really about individuation. That is, to become more of who we truly are. By that same instance, any creative endeavor leads one to peer into the unconscious aspect of themselves. Much of this process, we aren’t cognizant to. We run away from ourselves, in all truth… despite seeking ourselves at the same time.

      If one wishes to see the true character of a person. Look to what they create. That is who they truly are.

      Drawing for me, isn’t so much about technical skill per se. It’s more or less about a demonstration of how I experience the world… and how I feel about it/toward it. A personal endeavor of expression. Music, however, I believe demands more of an attention in regard to technical skill. Not for a proclamation of who is more skilled, or anything of the kind… although there is that reality, that yes, art can be quite elitist, for lack of a better word. But of course, the means to improve technical proficiency, I believe all has to do with one’s desire to communicate better. That is, ultimately, to communicate what cannot be communicated through mere strictures of constructivist conventions.


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