The Death Of Metaphysics.

Understanding the essence of the Universe. The ultimate constitution of knowledge. What goes beyond the physical. The implication of the metaphysical world, is that it is higher than the physical world… due to it predating the existence (as assumed by the two world theory) of the physical world. Strangely enough, this belief is found throughout all cultures. Nowadays, many would argue that ingesting tabs of acid or DMT would reveal the metaphysical… although, I argue that has much to do with altering the human sensorium, to project this reality in a different way. Yes, it is your neurology.

For that which I do not understand, I endeavor to understand further. Such as in the case of emotions, and matters of the heart… or pure intuition. Fear, being one of the involuntary reactions. Who chooses to be afraid, for instance? And in that fear, comes my question of “Is there such thing as beyond the beyond?”

One requires an ontological basis, to form questions from. A system/methodological basis will always be needed, for the philosophy. It is for this reason, that one questions the questions within the question. The nature of epistemology, perhaps?

When I am in despair, it is then there… I know, that there is a conflict between my head and my heart. Whatever it is I attend to, voraciously… it becomes my reality.

“I see nothing other than becoming”. — Heraclitus.

I do not believe the human being is capable of experiencing the metaphysical world. Of course not, human beings are limited in their perceptual tools (sensorium). Thereby, this leads one to question whether or not one can assume it exists. Just because one feels that it does, does not provide rational proof or explanation in-relation to how this world is. The two world theory, and esoteric belief systems pre-date before the conception of time for man. I myself had spent my early twenties, in search for the ultimate truth, in-relation to this reality. Rabbit hole, after rabbit hole… conspiracy theory, after conspiracy theory. I have spent many years down that path, attempting to find what truth is, subjectively. That, whether or not this reality I am living in IS illusion, and that there is something beyond the beyond, due to my feeling that there is.

Belief in a metaphysical world, cannot be sought through rational argument or observation. Therefore, how can it be? Can it simply be, just because it is? No.

Is it an irrational belief motivated by fear, perhaps? To the extent, that we cling to that ideal… for in reality, there is no beyond-the-beyond, that this reality is the only reality that one can ever truly experience.

Then again, for me to say that “there is no universal truth to be known…”—is that not a universal truth in of itself? Am I to be like that of the Ouroboros, to be forever eating its own tail?

I reflect upon this concept, for at this stage in my life I am tired, and I am old (twenty-six). I question why I had wanted to believe in the esoteric, all throughout my early twenties… why I had wanted to believe, so desperately in something bigger than myself—something beyond-the-beyond. That was, to stave off the emptiness which I felt internally. That nothing really does matter, and there is no such thing as meaning. That this is all that there is.

Tarot cards, fortune readings… all falsely read my perceived future; for I was afraid of uncertainty. For I was bound to the ifs and buts of this world—that something either is, or isn’t—that something is guaranteed, regardless of what I will. Why such a practice hasn’t been refuted, has much to do with placing the responsibility on this perceived unlimited possibility. That one manifested this reality into being, as opposed to what was read—or, that they CHOSE the other path. I have found this be false. In this world being bound to the ifs or buts, the spiritual new age market has its advantage. Either the outcome is positive, or negative… it depends on the context… it depends on what spirit wills for you. Then what is it, dammit? It is I that chose the outcome, or spirit?

Will To Power = Nothing More Than Setting Values Upon People.
On, or on opposite to others.

I admit that my clinging to the concept of fate and destiny, had to do with my fear in navigating life’s arduous path for myself. Yes, insecurity… yes, fear. To calm that unaddressed aspect of the self, that I will never love. That yes, I must marry one day. That yes, he will be everything I had ever wanted. That yes, finally, deep within me the emptiness will mar and I will feel complete. He will understand me, like no other… just as I will, him. Nietzsche was in-fact influenced by his era (Romanticism), in his post-structuralist theories. However, he did not let himself get carried away in the lofty ideals… that the romanticist clung to.

But why? To what is the rational explanation to this? It cannot be something otherworldly. Such promises feed on hope, and vulnerability. To find certainty, beyond the illusion of certainty that this world cannot possibly offer. This world is absurd. Nothing is guaranteed… and that is why I had believed in the spiritual. That is why I had believed in soulmates… that is why I had spent time, energy, and money on divination measures and tools.

I do not deny that we need some logical systems as a means, and never an end to understanding.

My ultimate refusal, to accept the reality that there is no certainty. All certainty is an illusion.

Nietzsche argued that man seeks truth, in the form of a world that is not self-contradictory… one without deception, or change in-order to escape suffering.

Back to the argument of duality. With the two-world theory arguing that there exists the PHYSICAL WORLD and the METAPHYISCAL WORLD, the human limitation and exception of separation still prevails. Physicality is seen as the ‘shadow’, to the ‘light’ metaphysical world. Yet, the metaphysical world is argued to be beyond the conventions of this reality… which is perceived by human, to be a duality. Therefore, this makes no sense (yes, again, human senses is what is used to dissect and understand this world, clever). Does that mean to say, that the origin/eternal world still exists as per the conventions of separation and duality? Even though it is argued to be a direct opposite, to this world where dichotomies define its existence.

Truism can only be established through stability, concepts and conventions which have yet to be refuted. Metaphysics, being beyond the physical cannot be refuted, for instance. Thus, stability is corollary to the metaphysical.

Many philosophers, share that thought also. That there is nothing permanent, in this world. Regardless, the search for something of the kind has been ubiquitous. That is what I had longed for, and searched for. Forever, and forever does not exist. That is why, we have grown, through civilizations built upon the ones which presaged the other… the concept of the metaphysical. That is why, it still permeates through this 21st century. That is why religion still prevails.

“There seems to be a deep-rooted tendency in the human mind to seek something that persists through change. Consequently the desire for explanation seems to be satisfied by the discovery that what appears to be new and different was there all the time.” L.S Stebbing.

“Philosophy started in the faith that beneath this apparent chaos there exists a hidden permanence and unity, discernible, if not by sense, then by the mind… Central is the faith that beneath the apparent multiplicity and confusion of the universe around us there exists a fundamental simplicity and stability which reason may discover”W.K.C. Guthrie, The Greek Philosophers p.24

The metaphysical need. This explains the nonsense, parroted by each Tarot reader in-regards to “You may not be together in the physical, but both of your souls are bound eternally”. The fluffy, fancy speak of the ‘5D’, and how both of you ought to love yourselves one another to be in union because the metaphysical urges it. And the metaphysical IS permanence. That beyond this world, exists a realm which is divine and perfect. Where suffering does not exist.

“To invent fables about a world ‘other’ than this one has no meaning at all, unless an instinct of slander, detraction, and suspicion against life has gained the upper hand in us: in that case we avenge ourselves against life with a phantasmagoria of ‘another’, a ‘better’ life.” — Nietzsche.

Thus… the imagined. The dream of forever, IS the Illusion. The metaphysical world is a world fabricated from physical needs. All religious factions, all doctrines… with their hypocrisy tied to control, and elimination of self-actualization and thought, they employ this. That human need to believe in something permanent, everlasting… something that is forever. Beyond the beyond.

I was once weak, and cowardly in my clinging to the belief of a metaphysical world. There is nothing beyond everything we experience, here. No matter how terrifying, disappointing, and heart-breaking life may be. I will continue to endure, affirm, and face it. I remain faithful to the earth. My clinging to this world, beyond the beyond, again had to do with my refusal to accept my insignificance. My fear.

“The decadents need the lie, it is one of the conditions of their preservation.” — Nietzsche.

Such a comforting promise, the metaphysical offers. IT is the illusion, not what we see here. I do not speak of the conventions, rules, and semiotics as placed here by man. That is another topic—an entirely different one at that, I may or may not go on exploring at a later time (although, I have already done so and know that all systems whether that be democracy or communism be criticized). The physical world, is what I speak of. That is all that there is, to perceive. There is no beyond-the-beyond. My refusal to believe in this reality alone, has led to my being disconnected from it. There are no moral judgements to be made against this universe. For this Universe is beyond the conventions of human judgement. For this universe is not human. We are consequences of the universe. Merely a symptom of it. The Universe is indifferent. Thus, the Universe to myself as a human being in this moment… although, temporary. Is a will to power.

With this Universe, there is no end. There is no beginning.

It is everything, and nothing… all at once. I am a fan of the Unity Of Opposites (Heraclitus), for this reason. My belief, is that everything is nothing… and nothing is everything. We human beings, however cannot perceive this.

Now, as a human being… Initially I used to belief in idealism. That this material world, was not real. Now, however I am not a realist. I am a naturalist.

Science requires no finite resource. By German conventions, it is also known as ‘Knowledge Craft’. Rebuilding established structures of knowledge. Not creating NEW knowledge… but re-framing and re-creating from that which had already, long since been established.

I believe that everything is a matter of opinion, regardless. There is no Universal evaluation in-relation to history. There is no objective historian.

To be swallowed whole by a collective consciousness, due to one’s blood right or history is quite sad. As if, we were antiques of history we ourselves cannot possibly understand—only through abstraction presented to us, by manner of opinion. Thus, our vision of history is reduced. For it cannot go beyond the one perceiving it. Historical views, and cultural ties for instance are devolved down to stereotypes, for example. Looking beyond one’s history, is therefore ideal. That is, through actual evaluation. Distraction toward the good old days, and synthetic nostalgia allows one to cling to an abstraction of greatness. One idealized, and fanciful, due to it being once possible—thus, allowing us to conceive that such greatness may be possible again. By naturalist conventions, this pattern reveals that history… and its patterns presents hope for mankind. Thus, I am not delivering a manner of opinion which is entirely bleak (that would be contradicting my stance on duality).

Should anyone read this, you are apart of it. Whether you like it, or not.

History is not to be looked at, in imitation but rather, for reassurance. Great humans have autonomy, the masses do not.

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