Immediate Certainties.

Immediate certainties, how seductive… yet limiting they are in all truth.

What of the mind? If all things perceived are an illusion, does that mean to say that all things of the mind are not real. That they are all to be taken as a lie?

If we are to have a disbelief of this world, does that mean to say that we ourselves do not believe that which is created from our minds?

To distrust this world, is to distrust one’s mind. Would this lead one to presume, on the matters of neurology that all of which occurs, is in-fact, figments and projections of the mind? With our present times, one could conclude, that yes… this is definitely a contributive aspect.

What leads one to question reality? It is of course, the pursuit of truth.

If one were to discount all of which happens in-front of them as mere fiction… then would that mean to say, that any thoughts which arise from the mind are all lies? Where is truth? Does it perhaps exist outside of matters of the mind? Then, I ask, what is outside of the mind? Is it the phenomena we experience in our immediate reality. Non. Again, what we experience all comes back to the mind.

Yet, getting back to philosophical deliberations past biological musings… one must question the dichotomy of one’s suspension of belief in the world, in-which they are perceiving. It is, in of itself a conundrum to believe that truth in of itself exists amidst a mind which presents falsity… Impossible, for the mind created this dichotomy in the first place. If it is born of the mind, it cannot be one or the other…

The falsity of immediate certainties and secure yes or no’s. A world florid in this representation of opposition. Choose this side, or else… you are either with them, or us. For human, there is no such thing as equality. It is in our inequality, we are equal. Thus, this elucidates the problem of this generation… this fight for equality is one that is pointless, in essence. The contradictory, and paradoxical nature of human could not possibly abide by such idealistic and lofty expectations. The animalistic origin of humans, and their basal functions rebel against such things, which are beyond us. Yet, we attempt to truss ourselves in divinity, and to beyond what we truly are.

Every profound spirit needs a mask. One cannot reveal too much of themselves, to everyone. That is where madness is, one could presume. For in madness, is absolute and total freedom from the self.

Every person is a prison, even you yourself. Are we to love other prisons? To cleave to the other, can be seen as a certain kind of madness. Love, in its complexity can be seen as madness. Although, it depends on which love, you refer to. The love in-which we believe is love, is one conditional. Love me or else! As the favored god commands of his disciples. However, one cannot cleave themselves to detachment. Even then, that is still an act of attachment. Such as foolish tidings of the purely romantique, and the blind toward the impermanence of love (what you assume is love, is not love, but lust). Language has been bastardized, as a result of this information age. Information is neutral, beyond good and evil. Contextual… it depends on whom gazes upon it. Whether or not the tacit knowledge is transmuted to something communicable, will determine its impact on culture.

The conservation of self is a life-long pursuit. One which can be reached, however, one which is never permanent. To be human, is to never be guaranteed permanence. To live, is to be consequence to change. Mostly undecided… mostly beyond one’s will.

We philosophers love our truths. We must not be so precious with them however, regardless of how we cling to these ethics, within. Such ethics, we assume are set in stone. Yes, to our values! All prevailing past our stubbornness in our irrelevance. It is malleable. We forget that our condition itself is predicated on deviation away from what we are to become. Although the form of human is set, much-like the acorn who is determined to one day grow into the tree… the variables of the state of that form, is relied upon other factors. I allude to life-experience, for this metaphor.

Do I spit a lot of nonsense? Yes, and no. It depends who is reading this… I am open to contradicting myself. I will admit something, however: human nature leads me to be dogmatic, sometimes. A state, which is beyond conscious comprehension at times… although, I will my best to aim for an expansion of self-awareness in-order to secure more agency of the self (whichever one I may be).

Even then, language itself… as fickle as it is, in its translation of meaning can be misinterpreted and misunderstood. The paradoxical nature of language, in it explaining all… yet, explaining nothing at all, is one I find most interesting. It is no wonder why, the unconscious mind transcends beyond such structuralist limitations.

I do not ascribe by spirituality any-longer, that is new-age indoctrinations… with its influence from main-stream orthodox religions, and corrupted mysticism. Materiality, in-essence is its primary motive… which, is quite contradictory. The idealisms toward all things good, being prevailing and being the origin of all creation (As if all things which are true are, good)… what of bad, then? With the new-age movement of ‘The Law Of Attraction‘ leading its disciplines to cling onto toxic positivity in-hopes of escaping, that which is inherently negative (one desires, or wills to escape the opposite). What of the ethics of human, who manipulates the other through pure faith? Pure hope… that the truth (good) will always prevail? Why it is that indecency is sold under the guise of decency? We haven’t evolved out of our snake oil salesmen. We never will. So long as human being desires, always, will there be those to feast on their vulnerability.

The assumption that the human soul, and/or spirit and its intrinsic knowing is already deeply entrenched in a being, and such a half-truth is parroted in the community of spirituality. Many a time, one may argue that it is the mind or the ego which blocks us from that transcendental knowing. “Ah, they are just afraid… that is why” When in all truth, everyone is afraid. What a generalization you have grasped, bravo! To be human, is to be afraid. To be aware of one’s self, in its fragility, is to live in fear and paranoia. Perhaps another argument, which appears more substantial and not as arbitrary as the former could be attributed to human experience, in its entirety. Human experience, being tethered to the mind of human… and thus, we extend to the conscious, and beyond that: the unconscious. What of the collective human experience (yes, that pack-mentality… community), as observed in factions of religious ideologies and henceforth? It cannot possibly speak to the individualistic experience of each man, or woman. Improvement of the group overall, does not speak to improvement of one’s own unique individuation. What their mode of truth is, cannot possibly be one, nor universal? To assume that the human being’s conscience can be controlled, is a common misconception. This is where rebellion is given life. Religion is Absurdissimum. When I speak of religion, I also speak of main-stream spirituality which permeates social-media. Toxic positivity, guised as a mere monopoly… a drug of sorts, to act as a hypothetical dressing to a festering wound which infects, and cuts deeper. The insignificant human’s grasp to something infinite, to justify one’s mortality. “You exist in the 5D, therefore you transcend this temporary existence.” Therefore, does that mean to say that this existence is not real, due to its impermanence? The claim of its existence is in exact opposition to absurdity, or contradiction. One refuses, through conditioning to teeter on that precipice/edge of uncertainty and certainty in favor for the extreme, of that latter. Ah, is this politics then?

In essence, one must do for themselves. The precursor to this, is the will of human… which has to do with the inherent nature of assuming power. That is the drive of human. In one assuming responsibility, one realizes that they are free… and they’ve much to do. With this freedom, however, introduces a crippling fear… that is, the illusion of our accessibility to the infinite. Human beings cannot possibly be limitless, yet this world in-of-itself, due to our small scope of perception, presumes that which outside of us IS infinite (or perceivable through sensorium). What with the “You can do anything you want.” Slogans conflating the natural seeds, of human narcissistic tendencies. The truth of the matter is that “Yes, you can do whatever you want. WITHIN LIMITATIONS.” What control have we? When nothing is predictable, guaranteed—or the like… When nothing, and everything at the same time is both known and unknown.

There are no immediate certainties. Creation of a higher power, or deity beyond ourselves is merely born of the human fear and reality of mortality. That is, beyond human, there is no forever. Therein lies the fear also, of assuming responsibility and direction for the self… thus, one’s alignment to a faction, or pack of sorts, in its animalistic nature is comforting, yet dull and listless.

My lust for this perceivable truth, is one of my cardinal sins. Curiosity is pleasurable.

What do you believe Meryl? :
“That existence, universe, and everything within… is utterly meaningless. It is beyond good, and evil… as well as the limitations of human. To be human is to be given to the temporal, impermanent conception of the ‘self’. There is no metaphysical. There is no beyond-the-beyond. inexplainable phenomena transcends beyond mere consciousness, and structuralism. That is, the deepest and darkest depths of the part we have not yet scaled—we have not yet traversed. The unconscious. Universal, and rooted in the psyche of all human. Human must not find absolute despair in the chaos of a world, most indifferent. There is no deity to cry to. No one gives a shit. There is freedom in that. Human must find their own purpose, otherwise, if they are to ascribe by one given to them, always will they feel lacking. Always will they feel empty. If you must question, there is a dissatisfaction. The betrayal of one’s true nature. Human is attempting to find immortality, through the promise of an enduring renewal of the self. Psychological renewal. Such a parallel is noticeable in allegory, and mythos spread throughout millennia. Human is most interested in human.”

That is my belief, not yours. There cannot possibly be any argument, when I believe you’ve an agency and will to your own beliefs. Take no masters. I do not, myself. Am I fence-sitting to avoid conflict? Non. Rather, I see no point in taking anyone’s opinions personally… for everything, in this world is a matter of opinion. Even what I write, is mere opinion. The core basis is my collection of virtues, and ethics built through time. Human needs moral compass, for preservation after-all. An aspect I have not yet questioned or explored, but will one day, when maturity and understanding calls for it.

The world is pointless, therefore it is funny. Much-like how someone farts randomly, at unexpected times. It is funny, yes? Farts will always be funny, I do not care what anyone thinks. The unexpected, and taboo nature of the fart has me dead. My sensibilities could be described as European to many, due to my bluntness. I had to evolve this over time. Non, I did not happen upon such a state in immediacy. I used to be a coward. Afraid of saying, and writing exactly what is on my mind. Many see me as terrifying due to my being ‘filterless’—those closest to me see me as authentic, and real. What matters is that I chose this for myself. For those I keep closest to me, are ones I can safely be my goofy-ass self around.

Am I a Nihilist? Fuck no. Fuck those guys.

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