” If I Should Expire “

Meryl Keioskie

From 2020, My Goals For The Next Two decades

  • Earning a PhD in Design Research (2022)
  • Buying my own house
  • Establishing an Academic career
  • Learning music theory & composition
  • Learning/mastering the piano
  • Attaining higher education, in music
  • Learning another language

Knowledge. Knowledge. Knowledge.

Music Practise. Meryl’s “Technical Bible.”

NOTE: I’ll be updating this with any new discoveries I make for my own pianistic progress. Pianists, especially piano students stress the importance of technique in pianism. That is why many a young student attends Music College. To refine their technique. It’s been quite some time since I’ve posted, and this is attributed to my […]

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PhD Cover progress

Pianism and music has been put on hold for my other responsibilities. There isn’t a lot of time in day, sadly… or, I’m just terrible at time management. Here’s what I’ve been working on, in-between marking students’ work for my sessional job as a drawing instructor: The cover for my PhD comic. Admittedly, it’s been […]

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Music Practice. 05-04-2021 to 10-04-2021

Feedback: I have decided to take the plunge and upgrade to a beautiful acoustic piano. A second-hand Yamaha UX upright, which I will be practicing until… I predict, AMUS. I have named him “Alistair”. Some may call me weird, strange… and definitely I am those things. I see my piano as a breathing, organic instrument. […]

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Drawing Dump.

I forgot to post these drawings, I did. They’re from 2019. At this moment, I am still practicing pianism and music theory. Mind the delay in updates… more or less, I’ve other things to tend to. Enjoy these drawings, anyhow.

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Music Practice. 13-03-2021 to 20-03-2021.

Feedback: This is indeed the year for piano. I’ve marked my calendar/schedule for many pianistic events to take place–specifically at The Conservatorium. I see it as wise, to sit in the front row… directly parallel to the view of the keyboard, and the performer’s hands on the keys… so that I may observe their technique. […]

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Music Practice. 27-02-2021 to 06-02-2021.

I have been learning piano for roughly five months, now. Music theory, a good eight months, now. Before, I had learnt viola for a good three months–and had advanced to I grade music theory, in those three months. Viola wasn’t for me, I had found… piano, I love. Before then, I had absolutely no knowledge […]

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A Rat Appreciation Post.

It is no secret. I am somewhat of a rat enthusiast. I own six of my own. Rachmaninoff is my favorite, of course. Then there’s Papa Haydn. A huge mega-chonk. It’s a pity, that they only live for two to three years. Such wonderful creatures. They bring me a lot of joy, they do.

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Pianistic Practice 06-01-2021 to 20-01-2021.

Feedback: Pianism will be delayed in progress partially, due to my PhD being due in early 2022 and my teaching drawing classes for the first portion of 2021. I am, at this stage… up to Grade I repertoire, and Grade III theory by AMEB conventions. I will, however, always do music for the foreseeable future! […]

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Pianistic Practice 16-01-2021 to 30-01-2021.

Goals for 2021: Begin studying musicianship (theory with an aural component). Advance to 5th Grade Theory (AMEB). Advance to 2nd Grade Repertoire (AMEB). Memorizing all 24 keys (major and minors). Objective for this week: Practice staccatos: Brush the keys, with the tips of fingers–the flicking motion is utilized by the fore knuckle dragging toward you, […]

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