PhD Progress PT II (Drawing)

An update to the former post of a digital drawing I’ve been working on today. Here’s a portion of the cover, somewhat finished. The glitchy effect was by accident, but I loved it so much I decided to keep it as a side piece to the original cover.

The title is withheld until the comic is published of course.

I seem to have a thing for hands, truth be. Especially long fingers. That’s probably why I like most pianists.

Photoshop CS6 was used, with a Wacom Intuos pro tablet. A whole lot of references via google, were also used.

It’s been a while since I’ve drawn, admittedly… in-between my other responsibilities I have been trying my best to fit it in. Not just drawing, but painting, as well!

I’m influenced from a lot of artists, truth be… if anyone can guess my influences in this piece. Feel free! Of course, I will admit this time around I didn’t consciously reference any particular artist. I focused on rendering values, and playing with colour instead.

No this isn’t me, my Nephew seems to think so. This is Stuart. His appearance is one I’d like to imagine what my future son would look like (all of my drawings are my children)… hypothetically-speaking of course. That is, if I ever do get around to having a son. IF.

PhD Cover progress

Pianism and music has been put on hold for my other responsibilities. There isn’t a lot of time in day, sadly… or, I’m just terrible at time management. Here’s what I’ve been working on, in-between marking students’ work for my sessional job as a drawing instructor:

Meryl Keioskie

The cover for my PhD comic. Admittedly, it’s been a while since I’ve digitally painted anything therefore, with this drawing I’ve been doing studies here and there.

Pianistic Practice ’til 16-01-2021.

Alright, onto music!

In review for the new year, here are some objectives of what I plan to achieve this year with pianism and music in general. That is, between other obligations of mine… ’til the closing of this year:

  1. Memorize, and learn all 24 keys before the end of the year.
  2. Advance to second grade repertoire on piano.
  3. Advance to fifth grade theory.

In-between this, I’ve the intention of expanding more of my skillset in musicality, finger control, finger strength and so-fourth. I first began studying music some six months ago. Pianism was then studied three months after that. The journey has been a tremendous one, that I will indeed continue for many years to come. Progress may be delayed slightly, due to my PhD being due in early 2022. However, again, it doesn’t matter. The progress is of the utmost importance.

Pianistic Practice:


From my experience, when I first started taking lessons under my piano teacher… I was instructed to always practice scales–even she, at her level still practices with scales. I’ve found, in my practicing scales… they are perhaps the most beneficial way to acquire technical skill on the piano, past a sole reliance on repertoire. Many of the fundamental, and underlying skills (there are a lot of meta-skills–think, skills within skills, that a pianist must learn) can be acquired through scales.

Repertoire however, is still important for learning more micro-skills… just as well as articulation, rhythm, hand positions, different fingering, and so-fourth.

Scales have assisted in my becoming familiar with all 88 keys of the piano. Just as well: the amount of weight I ought to apply to register a better quality of sound (no thumping all the time); Finger independence, with finger switching; The position of hands on the keyboard, as well as the elevation of wrists above the keys–and my observation that the forearm, and wrists ought to be utilized past the fingers themselves. The fingers move to a minute degree, however, ‘power’ should not be sourced by the fingers alone.

As a pianist, economizing the use of energy throughout your playing is paramount. Especially since, there is more demanding repertoire to be learnt–and some pieces can extend over thirty minutes. With extensive octave leaps, and articulations… Rachmaninoff, I’ve heard is some of the most difficult repertoire to play. His, and of course… 20th century pieces.

LH & RH separate:
C Major (1 8ve & 2 8ve)
A Minor (1 8ve & 2 8ve)
A Harmonic Minor (1 8ve & 2 8ve)
G Major (1 8ve & 2 8ve)
E Minor (1 8ve & 2 8ve)
E Harmonic Minor (1 8ve & 2 8ve)
F Major (1 8ve & 2 8ve)
Chromatic G Major & C Major (1 8ve)

Contrary motion both LH & RH:
C Major (1 8ve & 2 8ve)
A Minor (1 8ve & 2 8ve)
A Harmonic Minor (1 8ve & 2 8ve)
G Major (1 8ve & 2 8ve)
E Minor (1 8ve & 2 8ve)
E Harmonic Minor (1 8ve & 2 8ve)
F Major (1 8ve & 2 8ve)

Relative motion both LH & RH:
C Major (1 8ve & 2 8ve)
A Minor (1 8ve & 2 8ve)
A Harmonic Minor (1 8ve & 2 8ve)
G Major (1 8ve & 2 8ve)
E Minor (1 8ve & 2 8ve)
E Harmonic Minor (1 8ve & 2 8ve)
F Major (1 8ve & 2 8ve)


Skachka – Bi 15 from Dvadtstat Chetire Legkiye p’esi Op. 39.
Dynamics. Piano. Forte.
Articulated notes.
Hands higher up on the keyboard.

Light blue from Piano Grooves I:
F Major.
Deviations from key.

A little hush-song No. 5 from First Year Pieces:
Compound time signature.
New Rhythm Pattern.

Some more practice composing:

Three flats in the key signature, BB~

The tonic is ‘Eb’, with the piece finishing on Eb–I made it more uniform by starting with Eb, also. Just a test really, with rhythm, articulations, and the sostenuto pedal. A piece truly doesn’t feel complete, unless one finishes a piece with the tonic… it appears to be an implicit rule within many compositions. The bass–or the left hand of the pianist with the triads reveals the time signature, also.

I had this left-over from 2020. It’s an edit of ‘Tender Confession’ From my Gaspard suite. Edited through Adobe audition to make it sound more ambient. Enjoy~


Duality fascinates me. This reality is built on that cardinal rule. As within, so without.

I’ll allow this post to be a reflection of sorts. That is, acting as a reference for my own development and growth as a person.

This year, I will be solely focusing on these things… above all else:

  • Music. Learning More Of It.
  • Finishing My PhD.
  • Building More Of My Finances.
  • Looking After My Sons:

I adopted some rats, at the end of last year. Three brothers. Fancy rats, with beautiful unique patterns to their coats. Each different, in their personalities and temperament… and so, they were named.

Chopin, for his being sensitive and sooky. Chopin likes to bite my Nephew. Chopin is the most obese, out of the lot.

Ratmaninoff (Rachmaninoff) for his being the most intelligent. He’s often the first one to break out. He is also the alpha male with the largest testicles. I found it fitting, since Rachmaninoff has large hands. Heuheuheuhe.

And Liszt, for being the friendliest fella. He’s the runt, and the most playful.

It’s kind of funny naming my rats after pianists. I enjoy conversing with them, as owners tend to do with their beloved pets. Often, I’ll find that I do a double-take and chuckle at what I’ve said: “Liszt, stop urinating all over Chopin!” or “Ratmaninoff, why did you take a crap on Chopin?” And! “Ratmaninoff, stop biting Chopin and Liszt!” Also, I had to go to the vet, recently. Ratmaninoff has been ill as of late. Anyway, they were puzzled to hear his name, and so, they bluntly asked me for a nickname. To-which, I gave them “Sergei”. I remember stuttering on the phone like an idiot beforehand, with my stating his name: “R…r…atmaninoff…” Therein followed, an awkward pause from the woman, on the other end… which led her to request a nickname. My nephew calls him ‘Rach’, but I see ‘Sergei’ as being respectful to the original sexy Rachmaninoff.

Yes, I has me a crush on the Russian composer, and pianist Rachmaninoff. He was damned hot in his youth. Bet he was good at chess too, mhmm~ Him and Frederic Chopin. Franz Liszt, not so much. Sorry Franz, you’re too pretty.

Note: Disregard that.

Since then, I have went out and adopted three more rats:
Mozart, Papa Haydn, and Beethoven. They are delicious specimens. PHOTOGRAPHS COMING SOON!

By late 2020, I replayed this everyday. I remember seeing this scene, when I was seven or-so years old and being mesmerized by it. Ever since then, I always wanted to find it again. Sometime in 2019, I found it… and honestly, it took me a while to identify it, but when the memory clicked, I was ecstatic.

Yes… come sweet death.

With the first chapter of my PhD comic out of the way (I must complete the 2nd, before the end of this year) I’ve been pouring my ‘free’ days into pianism… whilst the circumstances allow it. Then it’s back to drawing, and Academia yet again.

Some progress shots of Chapter I complete:

Ah love.

Romantic is a period of music, and art… isn’t it?

The concept of harmony is only found in the conventions of music. What is this human contact, you speak of? Living in harmony… people are capable of harmonizing?

When people kiss, I do believe they’re transferring disease to one another.

When someone gives me the eye in public, I threaten them. Telling them, that they should keep that eye to themselves–then they’re quick to correct me, in that they are using TWO of their eyes, and not ONE of them.

I don’t care too much about your face. I believe you should notice, that I barely look you in the eye. I am more interested in your hands. More than likely, on a date, I will ask to see your hands. You have been warned.

Anyone who knows their way around seven octaves, has always got my interest. I will therein, proceed to ask you questions about how you do that–and then you will get slightly uncomfortable, due to the unsolicited attention I am paying to you. Relax, I just want your secret formula.

I like men and women, just fine. No bias, my dudes.

In attempting to be ‘special’ and ‘unique’, we unknowingly move toward a totalitarian society. Yes, if everyone is aiming for that objective, don’t you think it’s counter-intuitive? The only true way to become one’s self, is to do so… in complete solitude. I am a fucking weirdo, and I quite like that about myself.

If there was a clone of myself, I’d marry them. Hell, male or female. I’d like to see how long it would take for me to drive myself nuts–then again, I do a good job of that on my own… and there’s only ONE of me. I think we’d get on well. I’d get the other me to be a pianist, and I’d have this ‘me’ (the one typing) continue their Academic career.

Drawings: Some’ore Sloppy Joes.

Here’s some more drawings I did for warm-ups, in-between inking marathons:

Mimicking some more of Craig Thompson’s whimsy, with his: “Thank-you god, for your perfect creation.”

People tend to get a kick out of depicting the feminine form. I get a kick out of drawing bean-pole dudes with large hands, long necks, and large ears.

Hell… yes.


Lady. You’re scaring us!

Where the title of this post comes from.

Late Night Comic Inking.

Here’s a spread I’ve just finished, pre-ink and post-ink.


Composition, and layout speech bubbles are of utmost importance above all else.

For all of the hours of drawing/inking I do. I digest a lot of music. Here’s one which deserves all of my love:

My ears! MY HEART! MY SOUL~!

Comic Progress.

Lots of drawing for this week. In-between both research and music studies. Here’s a screenshot of progress, for how I tend to ink hair.

Rest you silly boy. Rest.

Inking hair is probably my most favorite thing to do. It’s very intricate, what with its little strands and handling of depicting each strand in reaction to the imagined light source.

Drawing Comics: Progress II

Another panel I’ve semi-inked. Here’s some progress, that I thought I’d share.

Seven hours a day/night, if I can manage it.

Also listening to some Jazz, because Jazz is my favorite:

Especially Jazz Piano.

Drawing: Comic Progress.

In-between music, I still tend to my other love. Drawing.

Here’s some more progress on my PhD Comic:

More to go.

Post-scriptum: For this arc, if you know the comic artist of whom I am being influenced by, style wise. You gets a damned, digital high-five. Heueheuheu~

Sketch: Stuart Yoshihiro.

More on my PhD project. A graphic novella. In revising Stuart’s narrative, I wanted to draw him in Craig Thompson’s style. Stuart is a character, who is completely fictional. He is influenced by research on high-functioning Autistic individuals… as well as my own experience.

This is the original style I drew him in, for the first narrative. The style is influenced by two favorite Mangaka of mine: the late Satoshi Kon, and Katsuhiro Otomo of Akira fame. Stuart’s last name ‘Yoshihiro’, is a nod to Satoshi Kon, who adopted this pseudonym during his earlier works. His name ‘Stuart’, is a reference from the fictional Gorillaz front-man “2D”, who’s true name is ‘Stu Pot’. His appearance, is probably based on an amalgam of Alexander David Turner from “Arctic Monkeys”, during the Humbug album–and elvish-looking men. Although, people who have read through drafts of the comic thus far… have mistaken Stuart for being me–so, there is most probably that influence, just as well.

Well, he is my son. I created him after-all.
One takes the symbols, which connote their supposed representations and ‘water’ down the depictions to mere abstraction. That is my process in changing/adopting styles. It’s implicit. Not much thought is given to it, truth be. I just do… Also–Hah, there’s only five staves there. Stuart, you wrote them wrong! Start again!