The Start

Meryl Keioskie

We’ll start at the start, and end at the end. Only to then, start all over again.

That’s what one would call a platitude. A whole lot of nothing… then again, in nothing, one can find everything.

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How The Bloody Hell, Does This Work?

Honor Your Emotions.

I must expand of what I had previously posted. That is, certainty. Certainties exist only in the present. Uncertainties exist in both the past, and the future… for they are both abstractions. Neither exist in this moment. As for emotions…. If we do not consider ourselves, or refuse to ‘love’ ourselves… then there is no […]

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How is it that I’ve went from knowing everything, to realizing that I know absolutely nothing… at all? How long must this darkness persist? Are we constantly chasing after some fantasmagorie within ourselves? These are rhetorical, for I know there is no answer… I’d be a fool if I were to ask a question, I […]

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Immediate Certainties.

Immediate certainties, how seductive… yet limiting they are in all truth. What of the mind? If all things perceived are an illusion, does that mean to say that all things of the mind are not real. That they are all to be taken as a lie? If we are to have a disbelief of this […]

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