The Start

Meryl Keioskie

We’ll start at the start, and end at the end. Only to then, start all over again.

That’s what one would call a platitude. A whole lot of nothing… then again, in nothing, one can find everything.

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How The Bloody Hell, Does This Work?

Self-help And How It Did Not Help Me.

Surrounding one’s self with positive imagery, does not seem human… the world of self-development is toxic in its positivity. That which is meaningful, is often created through struggle. With this, we’ve “Hustle Culture”. Yes, work harder… yes, throw out the limitations of being human in favor for work-work-work. You are no more than your work […]

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Explorations Into ‘love’.

True friendship is mutual inspiration. True love, is mutual inspiration. The will, and desire to be better in one another’s presence

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Music Appreciation Post:

This damned man, right here. Where the hell has he been all my ears?! Not a single song of his, I’ve heard so far I do not like. All of them. Every. Single. Damned. One. It’s like Tally Hall, Mike Patton, Cherry Poppin Daddies… a whole bunch of “Holy Damn…” Like Colourful atomic bombs exploding […]

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