The Start

Meryl Keioskie

We’ll start at the start, and end at the end. Only to then, start all over again.

That’s what one would call a platitude. A whole lot of nothing… then again, in nothing, one can find everything.

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How The Bloody Hell, Does This Work?

For The Arts.

I have been away from some time, attempting to see if my new world views can be assimilated into the world around me. I realize, it cannot exist entirely on its own… if I am not careful, I can and will be swallowed by others. The herd mentality, or collective consciousness as it were. I, […]

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Honor Your Emotions.

I must expand of what I had previously posted. That is, certainty. Certainties exist only in the present. Uncertainties exist in both the past, and the futureā€¦ for they are both abstractions. Neither exist in this moment. As for emotions…. If we do not consider ourselves, or refuse to ‘love’ ourselvesā€¦ then there is no […]

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How is it that I’ve went from knowing everything, to realizing that I know absolutely nothing… at all? How long must this darkness persist? Are we constantly chasing after some fantasmagorie within ourselves? These are rhetorical, for I know there is no answer… I’d be a fool if I were to ask a question, I […]

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