Greetings. I am Meryl. I am Eurasian. I am 26 years of age, diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome, and a demisexual.

I am house-broken and properly trained.”

Dip Des.
Bach Des.
Bach Des Hons I.
PhD Des Res.

+ 2 times award winner for DIA
(Design Institute Of Australia) QLD ‘2018.

Full-time Academic and life-time student/teacher in Humanities (all the arts, baby).
+ University drawing tutor/instructor since 2017.

Tea & Tea ware, reading, writing, lesbian earrings, acoustic pianos, occultism, owning and raising pet rats, volunteering, vegetarianism, pedagogy/teaching, research, drawing, music theory, instrumentalists (especially pianists), esoteric knowledge, learning, cracking jokes no one will laugh at, and asking many, many, many, many… questions.

The purpose of this site/blog is to keep myself accountable. I believe that I am here to be a student of life, in all truth. I find everything educational, and am often observed to ask a lot of questions and document real-life phenomena in sketchbooks/notepads.

Yes, I am weird and very curious about many things.

Disclaimer: this blog is not educational. For me perhaps. But that is my journey, not yours. You best find your own.