Meryl finds passion, and joy in the humanities. She spends a lot of time investing in self-mastery, probing people for questions (as well as herself), and reading. She has a keen curiosity toward human-kind, and humans in general.

She is twenty-seven years old, and is diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome.

Dip Des.
Bach Des.
Bach Des Hons I.
PhD Des Res.

+ 2 times award winner for DIA
(Design Institute Of Australia) QLD ‘2018.

Full-time Academic and life-time student/teacher in Humanities (all the arts, baby).
+ University drawing tutor/instructor since 2017.

Tea & Tea ware, cats, reading, writing, earrings, acoustic pianos, Her partner (Josh), Christianity, volunteering, solitude, drawing, music theory, instrumentalists (especially pianists and violinists), philosophy, existentialism, and asking many, many, many, many… questions.

Disclaimer: this blog is not educational. For me perhaps. But that is my journey, not yours. You best find your own.