Works By “Meryl Keioskie”.

Navigation is quite easy on this page. All one must do is click on any of the tiles to get a closer look.

The 666. “Hypothetical Project” Posters Series.

Here I homage Jamie Hewlett’s ‘Gorillaz’ style.

“The Summer of 1985”

Hypothetical comic series, about a female hit-woman made as a concept in University. A number of styles are mimicked.

“Dream Big”

Cartoons drawn for a collaborative project. Here, I homaged Spumco and UPA styles.

The 666. “Hypothetical Project” Folder.

Personal Cvs and Business cards,
circa 2017.

Faux brand “Squifty”. Licensing, and toy project.

“Pussy Brigade” Sticker Collection.

A set of stickers targeted toward the skater demographic.

“Semi-Serif” Typography Book.

This typography book was set-out, with type designed by me.

“Getamungistit” 2017 University Magazine.

Magazine edition of Griffith University QCA cover.

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